Diplomatic Gifts Given by World Leaders

Type: Book, Music, Installation
Exhibition: Show RCA 2017
Year: 2017

National identity, political bonds, economic power — the lines between these today are getting increasingly blurred. At this time more than ever, we need to highlight diplomatic relations existing between nations, intercultural communication and particularly, gift-giving.

Sometimes we see absurd gifts being exchanged and they are not always received in a positive light. Is it a lack of understanding, or a true representation of their current relationship? Even if two countries are very close, or if there are major strains in their relationship, these factors will resonate in the gifts given. Even if their meetings were amicable throughout, the underlying thoughts about their friendship will be reflected in the gifts. What multiple meanings exist in a single diplomatic gift? In this way, one can argue gifts are a kind of diplomatic ‘language’, through which we can get a glimpse of a nation’s national identity, political and economic ties. I have specifically chosen those gifts that reflect animosity between two nations, researching the hidden narratives behind the relationships.