Truly British Post-Brexit Table Tennis Table

Type: Book
Exhibition: Work in Progress Show 2017 
Year: 2017

In 2012, Prime Minister Cameron made a gesture of goodwill to President Obama by presenting him with a “British” table tennis table. However, it was later revealed that it was actually made in China, evoking worries about the decline of British manufacturing.

Now, after Brexit, Britain is isolated from other countries. Supposing there is a boom in the manufacturing industry in post-Brexit Britain, what would the production cycle look like? Here is my speculative scenario of relearning, reindustrialisation and resourcefulness for production in post-Brexit Britain. After I chose the materials — plastic, oak and papier maché I imagined the possible “British” table tennis table that Theresa May would gift to Trump, manufactured in a post-Brexit Britain.

Through the recycling process, plastic material can be reused. Paper can be made into papier maché. Also, the use of English oak will flourish. Gradually, English oaks will be planted in droves in the centre of London. Furthermore, the material used to make refrigerator doors will change to English oak. Additionally, if you bought any items pre-Brexit and they got broken, you would need to find alternative materials!

I imagined a possible “British” table tennis table that Prime Minister Theresa May might present to President Trump, manufactured, designed and branded in post-Brexit Britain.